The Number One Quality in Any Business, Are you Willing to Be a Conscious Competent?

The Number One Quality in Any Business, Are you Willing to Be a Conscious Competent?

When I first started in the insurance industry, the guys teased me that I would come to work barefoot if my manager told me to do so.  And guess what?  I would do it  And guess what, they were right! I looked at him and decided I could be as successful as he was; if I simply did what he did, I would be successful.   I was a conscious incompetent ; in other wwords I knew what I didn’t know.  I was coachable.  

If you are not willing to take on the persona of a conscious incompetent, you will not succeed in business.  This sounds pretty strong, doesn’t it?  That is because unless you know what you don’t know; you will not be coachable which leads to failure.

Why are we not coachable?  

  1. You have not imprinted the definition of insanity on your brain.
    1. You think you can do the same things and expect different results
    2.  This can be when you hire a coach.  However, if you don’t do what the coach trains you to do; you won’t succeed.  More than likely your coach will discontinue your relationship based on the idea that you may blame him/her if you don’t succeed.
  2. You are afraid to prospect.  I had a relationship with someone a few years ago who at our second appointment had not done the activities I had assigned the last time we met.  When I asked him, “Why”, he told me he didn’t feel the exercise was not relevant.  The exercise was to call on friends who were business owners to begin  to build a relationship.  I was done.  He was not coachable.
  3. You fear success.  As hard as it is to believe, there are people who fear becoming successful.  Again, they say they want to be successful, but are not willing to do what it takes.  They are also the ones that complain that the successful ones have some kind of a leg up.  They don’t understand that the successful person is coachable.  
  4. You don’t understand that you have to lead from the front of the pack.  Successful people cannot respect a leader who doesn’t lead.  
  5. You say you can’t afford to hire a coach.  How can you not afford to hire one?  If you don’t have the money, find a way to make it.  A young couple with four children wanted to start their own fitness center.  They both quit their jobs and started their gym in their garage.  They both worked whatever jobs they could find to keep their business open.  Five years later they sold their gym and have had huge success selling franchises in all parts of the country.  
  6. Your Why isn’t strong enough.
  7. You have told yourself that “Sales Is Hard”.  So is working at McDonalds. 

An accountability partner is not for you if you are not coachable.  It’s entirely up to you.